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Telling a story perfectly combining words, photos and videos: that’s represents our primary mission.

RED has established itself in the business panorama thanks to first class contents production. Founded in 2011 by three passionate professional journalists specialized in the automotive sector, RED has its strong points in in-depth analysis, obsessive care to details as well as creativity.

RED applies a journalistic approach to creativity, production and “packaging” of contents. Words, photos and videos come to life starting from an in-depth analysis of the product or service assigned and then define the action criteria. The current production takes advantage from a selected staff of professional experts as well as the most advanced technologies, selected according to the client’s needs, production deadlines as well as logistic and budget constraints.

RED is a well-known supplier of the most prestigious brands in the automotive sector.

Video Production Video Production

We offer the most advanced technology applied to ideas. Our talented professionals are specialized in video production of any level. They bring stories to life though events, conferences, commercials and live shows.

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Photo Production Photo Production

Whether it deals with a sport action event, a car achieving top speed or a chef focused on cooking his best dish, RED photographers are capable of capture a story with a single image, freezing the moment in its purest essence.

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Different perspectives captured by a drone have now become part of our daily life. Aerial shots embellish a video with unexpected glimpses. Needless to say, a video without an aerial view results certainly less impactful.

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Motion Design Motion Design

When ideas take shape. A simple line that suddenly comes to life, accompanied by a narrating voice. Needless to say, the motion design technique manages to effectively convey concepts otherwise impossible to explain. For years, we have been applying and developing this technique with a creative touch.

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Online Solution Online Solution

Websites of different complexity, repositories for the remote use of photo-video content: these are among the web solutions RED is able to provide, at competitive terms and timing. That’s not all: we move with professionalism and competence in the world of social media management to conceive editorial plans, support publication and create dedicated photo and video contents.

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Events planners Events planners

From press conference to more structured assignments: the automotive sector has no secrets. We have in fact organized activities on roads closed to traffic as well as on international-level racing circuits. RED honed an extensive experience in the design and organization of events, simultaneously taking care of the production and post-production of photo and video contents.

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Explore our best projects and contact us to write your story. With our images we make your brands speak, we tell the story of your products, people and your company.

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